Sunday, May 22, 2011


"That's how I got so sick - SOMEONE CALLED ME ON THE TELEPHONE!!"

I will remember Brian De Palma's Sisters not for its suspense or exploration of the psychological effects of being a conjoined twin, but rather the most unrealistic fake blood I have ever seen. So, unlike Carrie, another De Palma film, I wouldn't really call this a horror film, but the mystery of it at the least compelled me watch until the end.
You know how sometimes you can't tell if something from the past is cool because it is actually cool or it just seems that way because it's from a different time period? Well either way, stylistically, I loved De Palma's use of split-screen (from which I think Danny Boyle may have gotten inspiration.) I had never seen it used for such a long amount of time, especially with the same action occurring at different angles. This was probably my favorite thing about this film, due to the lack of depth of themes and characters, the mediocre acting and the unsatisfying ending. In the first half, Sisters seems as if it will have great potential, but just sort of fizzles out by the end, and takes itself a little too seriously (also unlike Carrie).
Overall, Sisters might be worth watching if you are in the mood for killing an hour or so on a pretty shallow suspense film.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

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